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            Guangzhou Chuangmi Technology Development Co., Ltd. has long been committed to personal protective equipment and Intelligent Technology R &D and manufacturing, the company and Chinese Academy of Sciences and world-class institutions of higher education and research teams, to improve the health of scientific and technological products, service society, benefit mankind.       The company has a team of thousands of employees and a high-standard modern factory. It has its own nitrile …


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     另外我司也生产各类防护用品,如:丁腈手套,医用手套,检查手套,防护手套,乳胶手套、防护口罩、防护服等。公司授权代理经销国外医用防护手套品牌及3M口罩等,有蔓越莓手套、安思尔、金佰利、红衣主教、贺特佳,马来西亚、泰国、东南亚手套等国际品牌手套,热销产品有:蔓越莓丁腈手套Cranberry evolve300金佰利 Kimberly-Clark KC500、嘉德诺CardinalHealth(红衣主教)手套,安思尔 Ansell MICRO-THIN、Ansell EDGE;3M 1860 N95口罩,服务全球上百个国家及医疗机构。


    Guangzhou Chuangmi Technology Development Co., Ltd. has long been committed to global and Chinese commodity trading, involving commodity supply and trading cooperation such as No. 0 diesel, diesel, gasoline, oil trucks, Chilean electrolytic copper, scrap copper, military shell copper, scrap copper, aluminum ingots, tungsten steel, coal, power coal, white sugar, Brazilian white sugar, corn, rice, chicken feet, cranberry gloves, infrastructure project construction investment, hydropower stations, power stations, etc Investment in energy technology projects such as charging stations, and cooperation in enterprise investment and financing. If you have a large purchasing demand or first-hand supply, please feel free to contact us for cooperation. Hotline for bulk commodity supply: 13048014500 (WeChat), website: www.gzcrmi.com.

     In addition, our company also produces various types of protective equipment, such as nitrile gloves, medical gloves, inspection gloves, protective gloves, latex gloves, protective masks, protective clothing, etc. The company authorizes the distribution of foreign medical protective glove brands and 3M masks, including cranberry gloves, Ansel, Kimberley, CardinalHealth, Hetka, Malaysia, Thailand, Southeast Asia gloves, and other international brand gloves. The best-selling products include Cranberry nitrile gloves Cranberry evolve300, Kimberly Clark KC500, CardinalHealth gloves, Ansell MICRO-THIN、Ansell EDGE; 3M 1860 N95 mask, serving hundreds of countries and medical institutions worldwide.

     Our company has over 60 countries and regions worldwide, with 105 overseas warehouses, such as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Australia; American warehouse, German warehouse, Hong Kong warehouse, Macao warehouse, Taiwan warehouse, Canadian warehouse, Dubai warehouse, British warehouse, French warehouse, Spanish warehouse, Italian warehouse, Türkiye warehouse, Russian warehouse, Singapore warehouse, Malaysia warehouse, Thailand warehouse, Korean warehouse, Japanese warehouse, India warehouse, Indonesia warehouse, Vietnam warehouse and other global warehouses. Customers can place orders in China, and overseas warehouses can immediately pick up and deliver goods, which is convenient and fast, providing high-quality, affordable High quality and reliable products, supplying global commodity trade sources.


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